Our Story

Organizational Development, Permanent Recruiting and Staffing Made Simple.




Our Story

The Resource is a full-service staffing, professional recruiting and consulting firm based in North Carolina. Privately owned and operated for over 30 years, people are at the heart of our organization, and we take a hands-on approach to each client and candidate relationship.

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative approaches to organizational development and hiring, and we’re continuing to change the way companies do business.

Through our unique understanding of people and utilization of The Core Assessment, we’re skilled in identifying and placing top performers in each seat within an organization, and in assisting candidates in developing a career where they will excel.

Learn more about the way we do things. Contact us to find out more about our custom services or discover who you are at your Core today!

Our Core Journey

Every seat in your organization matters. The Resource provides a revolutionary approach to organizational development, professional recruiting and staffing that ensures your business will operate at its highest level of efficiency. By utilizing The Core Assessment to reveal the true nature of each employee, we establish top performers for every job position, create job blueprints for their success and help you develop and install leaders so you receive the highest ROI possible on every position.

What emerged was the intangible success of the Core Assessment: A team of top performers understanding each other so intimately that we are able to anticipate each other’s reactions to daily challenges. So, if you hear us get excited about the possibilities for your company, it is because after 30 years in business, we are convinced that your people are your greatest asset. Finding the right people, and empowering them in positions they are designed for, has transformed us individually and as a whole.

There is a list of tangible successes at The Resource, but the smiles are our favorite.




Kathy Hartung

I daydream about helping families of refugees have a home and start a new life.


Kenneth Dalton

My playlist has some twang to keep me grounded with my farm boy roots.


Kim Beauchamp

My first job was washing airplanes at the local airport to pay for flying lessons. #girlpilots


Todd Freeman

VP of Staffing
My first job was as a golf cart jockey. I met Michael Jordan there and loaned him 50 cents to buy a soda.


Christopher Wakefield

VP of Support Services
I wanted to be a cyclist when I grew up, but then realized I wouldn’t be able to eat whatever I wanted.

Julia Yeargan - The Resource

Julia Yeargan

Vice President
When I am 95, I am gonna be a professional shark tooth collector.

Rita Bottoms - The Resource

Rita Bottoms

Business Development
I daydream about a mid-life crisis tattoo, any ideas?

Glenn Chamberlin - The Resource

Glenn Chamberlin

IT Director
My passion is helping people with technology and I enjoy cooking on an outdoor grill.

Joshua Cole - The Resource

Joshua Cole

Organizational Development Consultant
Before I could start my first car, I had to tighten a few bolts around the engine or the car would spark and look like it was catching on fire.

Featured Articles
"Once we started to learn all this stuff, that is when things really took off for us; putting people in positions within our company for their biggest and highest use."
Scotty White
CEO, Knight Transport
"We needed a system to quickly assess the internal nature of someone, more than just an interview. Using The Core Hiring System to create a Job Blueprint for a Director of Operations, we were able to identify the most effective person to add to our leadership team."
Keith LePage
CEO, Whitacre Engineering
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