How To Be Better at Follow Through

Follow through…our biggest personal and organizational challenge. In its absence, big ideas and visions never become a reality; in its absence, we over promise and under deliver; in its absence, we are never able to change results and outcomes. So how do we get better at...

The Four Most Powerful Indicators of True Leadership

Over the years there is one phrase from my middle school days that has always stuck with me: Don’t be a know-it-all. Back then, it was considered an egregious breach of playground etiquette to be that overbearing kid who thinks they know everything.

Why attitude, authenticity and personal time can’t wait.

If you’re like me, now that January has gotten into full swing and we’re racing toward February at break neck speed, it’s easy to start thinking we don’t have time to reflect on the nuances of our careers and ourselves as professionals.

Accountability: The Bridge Between Intention and Results

Ahhh...the start of a new year. The time when more goals and resolutions are set across organizations, families, and individual lives than any other time of the year. It is a time we take to reflect on the previous year's work, celebrate some successes, and game plan on how we...

Your Needs or Theirs? Why Vision Fails.

Often I hear leaders and owners say, "my team needs to get bought into my vision". I have to be honest with you, for a long time, I thought this was true and I believed that the job of the leader was to "sell" their vision to the team like some kind of used car salesman.
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