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We get it. Hiring processes can be long and tedious. From weeding through hundreds of resumes or not having enough resumes, to interviewing and screening candidates, it’s time-consuming and expensive. And at the end of the day, how do you know if you’ve hired the ‘right’ one?

Let The Resource’s Permanent Recruiting team use The Core Hiring System, utilizing The Core Assessment, to help you create a Job Blueprint and build an applicant pool to assist you in identifying screened candidates who are naturally hard-wired to be top performers in your organization and in a specific role. Not only can we help you hire employees who will be engaged and motivated to perform their job each day, but we will also help you keep your turnover rates down saving you thousands of dollars each year.

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At The Resource, we’re passionate about assisting candidates in finding the next step in their career path, and ensuring it’s a role in a company where they will enjoy growing personally and professionally long-term.

By implementing The Core Assessment in the screening process, we’re able to understand your innate unchanging nature and help you learn about yourself. For instance, why do you like certain jobs as opposed to others? The answer might surprise you.

Our recruiters will then utilize your skill set and your Core to match you to available positions in organizations where you will thrive. Further, we coach you on how to best market yourself for the job.

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  • It's not like a behavior assessment, it's not like any of the assessments you would have taken previously, it's truly your innate self.
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  • It gave me a confidence just knowing who I was.
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  • What was surprising was that it went beyond just career direction it actually made me reassess my personal life as well.
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