The Core Assessment

Whether You're an Organization or an Individual, it All Begins with The Core.




What is The Core?

The Core is not a personality test or a behavioral assessment. There are no right or wrong answers. There is no pass or fail. It is not designed to limit you. It is these differences that make The Core unique. The Core will show you right where you can be your best, where you will have the greatest opportunity to excel.

Unlike other assessments often used in the hiring process, The Core measures a person’s innate nature – how an individual is hard-wired. It helps us understand the “energy” of a person, and how they operate based on reasoning and emotion.

Gold-standard personality tests average a 72-75 percent retest score reliability if taken a second time within 90 days. Why? Because an individual’s thoughts, behaviors and personality can change over time and be influenced by their surroundings.

However, The Core Assessment has a 97.7 percent repeat test reliability because who a person is at the core of their being does not change with time. It’s constant. And that is why The Core is the perfect tool.

How We Use The Core

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, every journey begins with The Core.

At the organization level, Job blueprints allow us to objectively identify who your top performers are and what qualities they have that make them top performers. Utilizing The Core Hiring System, we can begin identifying candidates who will excel in your company and in the job role. The Core simplifies the hiring process.

For candidates, The Core allows us to understand what type of jobs you would be interested in and the type of work environment that would best suit you. It allows us to ensure we’re placing you in a position where you’ll be engaged and able to grow in your career.

Taking The Core

The Core takes approximately seven minutes to complete, and it’s a word association assessment. You’ll be given a choice of four different words and you’ll be asked to select the two words you most identify with.

Once The Core Assessment is completed, your results will aggregate immediately for your review and a copy will be emailed for you to save for your records.

The Core outlines four primary characteristic categories: Builder, Merchant, Banker, and Innovator. Take some time to review your assessment to learn what qualities fall under each category, and learn how you can better communicate and grow based on your innate, unchanging nature.

Then, contact us to schedule a time with one of our team members to take the next step!


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